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When your property becomes an unintended sanctuary for unwelcome animals like raccoons or squirrels, taking prompt action is essential for safeguarding both your property and well-being. This is where Edge Wildlife Removal steps in as your trusted partner. Serving Apison, TN, and its surrounding areas, our highly skilled professionals are dedicated to resolving issues related to wildlife intrusions. By offering comprehensive wildlife removal solutions, we not only attend to your immediate concerns but also ensure that you can enjoy a peaceful and secure living environment in the long term.


Environmentally-Conscious Wildlife Removal That Serves Your Needs

Here at Edge Wildlife Removal, the removal of unwanted animals is done with the utmost respect. We seriously take into consideration the environment and the welfare of the creatures involved. With that as one of our values, we’ve meticulously crafted our approaches and methodologies to be as eco-friendly as possible, thereby causing minimal distress to the animals while also preserving the ecological balance. Whether you’re dealing with a need for bat removal or squirrel removal, we employ specialized techniques that align with our commitment to environmental responsibility and humane treatment of animals.


From tackling the challenge of raccoon removal to providing expert rat exterminator services, we offer a broad spectrum of solutions designed to meet your diverse wildlife-related issues. But that’s not all; to ensure your property is in optimal condition, we also offer supplementary services like pressure washing and gutter cleaning. Our mission is to serve as your go-to resource for all matters concerning wildlife removal and property maintenance. To achieve this, our team of seasoned professionals goes above and beyond, dedicating themselves to delivering the highest quality service available. 

Secure Your Property and Family With Quick and Effective Measures

The presence of uninvited wildlife can turn into a serious issue in a short period, posing risks to your property’s structural integrity and your family’s health. Before the situation worsens, it’s crucial to act swiftly by securing reliable wildlife removal services. In Apison, TN, our dedicated team of experts will respond promptly to your needs, conducting an exhaustive assessment to identify the risks and formulating robust strategies for mitigating those risks. By choosing Edge Wildlife Removal, you’re opting for a layer of protection that ensures your property and loved ones are shielded from the negative impacts of unwanted animal guests.


What clients think about us

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    Virginia A.

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    Norma H.

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    Connie W.
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    Bob G.

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    Karen M.

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    Brian H.
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    Karen m.

    Super friendly. Work is guaranteed!

    Kelly V.
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